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We enable industrial companies to identify valuable patterns and relationships in machine data.

To this end, we provide our customers with an AI service platform, which is used to manage Big Data, use artificial intelligence, and use the optimally suited self-learning algorithms.

Companies can gain new insights into the production and corporate management, previously unrecognized tap business potential and make their business sustainable.


We are focused on Mining and Construction

Using AI-based assistance systems to determine specific areas where to explore next, reach high-value exploration targets faster and reduce waste materials.

Improving mine safety through artificial intelligence

Optimizing resource

Technology AI

Our Technology enables you to use AI in a fast and effective way
by providing infrastructure and processes

AI as a Service – Platform

Framework for the use of different algorithms

Multiple approaches can be run in competitive mode – best win…

Distributed, parallel execution without extensive hardware cost

Applied Artificial Intelligence

Since 2011 using Neural networks for forecasting and prediction modeling

24/7 calculation

Evaluation of more then variations per optimization

Cooperation with University of Kassel, RWTH Aachen and TU Clausthal-Zellerfeld

Big Data Infrastructure

JSON, SOAP, CSV, SAP Integration

600 TB managed data volume

Redundant data storage on dedicated servers in Germany (24/7)